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Being in operation for over 87 years, ULTRASPEC is ideally positioned to satisfy your needs in various industries such as Aerospace, military, commercial and transportation bringing you the best there is in surface treatment processing technology and know-how as anodizing, plating and painting.

Serving a wide range of markets, ULTRASPEC will cater to your every need, be it on everyday air / ground transportation equipment or specialized military assets, our expertise will stand out through quality and a unique service.



Being ECO-COUNSCIOUS, ULTRASPEC adopted a green policy in the management of necessary and wastewater treatment way before it was a requirement. Each year we implement numerous initiatives to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals based on customer’s allowance and as the technology becomes commercially available.

In this spirit, ULTRASPEC performs continuous technology watch and is involved in various research and development programs to ensure future generations a healthy environment. ULTRASPEC is proud to meet the environment standards in effect today and getting ready for tomorrows environment challenges.

At ULTRASPEC, we want to ensure that our legacy to our children’s and loved ones, is a better world that is free from polluting industrial waste to ensure their well being in decades to come.




ULTRASPEC is, above all, a team of passionate enthusiasts sharing the same vision, who puts its expertise and skills to the service of our customers.

Health and safety of our team is a formal commitment to preserve our strength and the wellbeing of our team. Everyone of our team member is important.

You share the same passion?
Contact us using the HR contact in the contact us section of the website, we may have an exciting career opening for you.

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